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I’ve been addicted to reading this book I found on the ground in Park Slope. It is called “Small Changes” by Marge Piercy.

I picked it up because apparently it is an “explosive novel of women struggling to make their place in a man’s world.” But really I just needed a new book to read. (I was tired of borrowing Ben’s iPod just to listen to the same two albums over and over while I was riding the subway.)

The front cover of my copy is missing. And it just dawned on me this morning to look up the book online and see what the cover art looks like.


It is very interesting and sometimes infuriating. I’m finding myself relating to it a lot. (Personal reasons.) But then, I have always related to feminist texts. Most of them anyway.

One more reason I decided to start reading the book is because I used to own a copy of Piercy’s poetry book, “The Moon Is Always Female”.

I don’t remember the poems too well, but it was lent to me (and I never gave it back) by this girl I went on 2.5 dates with in college. I remember on our last date—the .5 one—I took her to go see Erase Errata because I love that band and they were in town.

About a quarter of the way through their set, she leans in closer to me and whispers, “I’m going to have to question your taste in music…”

Right. Whatever. End of date.

Well, Erase Errata is playing at Glasslands in Brooklyn this Sunday, and I’m definitely going. And I am going to have a good time.

The moon is always female, remember.

Last night my pal Max S. and I went to see this really good punk band called Nü Sensae.

Being at the show reminded me of being in high school (and certain parts of college)—but in the good kind of way, of course. You know, being in a hot, smoky club, listening to really great/loud/raw music, maybe smoking a cigarette and sipping a beer, but definitely shooting the shit with your friends between sets and meeting new people. Good times.


I feel like the shows I go to now—if I actually go to one— are different. I’m not sure why. But it’s not the same. There is an edge that has been lost.

I think one of the best shows I’ve ever been to (in retrospect) was when I went to see Bratmobile play at Mary Jane’s in Houston about ten years ago or so. I remember paying $6 in quarters, which is damn ridiculous, but I was broke/determined. Bratmobile headlined; Hawnay Troof, Gravy Train!!!!, and Erase Errata opened.

I think it’s one of the best shows because it gave me with so much music to listen to over the years, music I still listen to. One of those shows I’m proud to say I went to.



I thought about making a list of my favorite bands.
But then I got stuck on the issue of Erase Errata.

I mean, they ARE one of my favorite bands, of course. But they're just not the same anymore.
They used to be a sort of experimental/art-punk band with somewhat political undertones.
But NOW their sound isn't as interesting and they're overtly political.

PAR EXAMPLE, this video from '02 (the year I first got into them when I saw them open for Bratmobile):

The recording isn't very good, so I'll include some audio of one of the songs they play in that segment:

So, it's political, I suppose, that song (which is from the second album, not the first, which is more "artsy"), but it's not as explicit as it is in their newer stuff.


This song ("Tax Dollar") from their newer album:

I think it's just too political.

And I have nothing against bands/music being political—I mean, I also really like Sonic Youth and Le Tigre and other bands—but I prefer somebody's "message" to be downplayed and the music to be upplayed(is that a word?).

Being political in your art or music or whatever definitely puts an expiration date and other limitations on who's going to be able to enjoy it.

Does that make sense at all?

(Besides I'm also rather cynical when it comes to politics.
Rarely will you hear me complain about/discuss "hot topics" and such.)

Okay, I'm just going to stop there.
I could go on and on.

I just had to get that off my breasts.

Did you see these photos I took?

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