Harry Partch is one of my favorite musicians/composers.

He made his own instruments.
And his approach to music and theory was very different from almost everyone then and now.

He died in 1974.
But his music lives on my music shuffle.

I discovered his music one day a couple summers ago when I was DJ'ing for a show at the radio station called the Scordatura show. (It basically showcased modern classical and other compositions, modern and contemporary.) I've been in love ever since.


I woke up this morning thinking about him, so I decided to watch this BBC documentary made about him a long time ago.




Another one of my favorite composers is Pierre Schaeffer.
He created musique concrete, which uses recordings of everyday sounds and arranges them into compositions and such.

He pretty much influenced the use of electronics in music today, I think.
Such as sampling.



I really love his work a lot.
It's also something that comes on the shuffle a lot when I listen to music.

And I also accidentally discovered his music that one summer when I was Scordatura DJ.






I really respect artists like these because they offer another way of examining and thinking about music.

Whenever I'm tired of listening to the repetitive verse-chorus-verse structure of mostly everything that's out there and also on my laptop, I'll just listen to Partch or Schaeffer.

It makes me feel fresh.


Like I just took a shower.


Which I really need to do actually cuz I haven't showered in a few days.



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