Yes, I know it’s not Thursday. I was just too busy this week! Tons of beach fun.

Thursday was Ben’s birthday. It’s my boyfriend’s birthday, so I can’t be wasting time blogging. We had to wake up really early to get on a train to Fire Island, where we met up with Lillian, who was camping there. It was really fun and pretty. The beach there is so nice.

Friday I worked all day long and had plans after work. No blog time.

And then Saturday we went back to the beach. Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook in Jersey. It was my first nude beach experience. It was really fun there. The waves were amazing. I was so impressed there was a nice beach like that (with enormous waves) so close to NYC. Just a ferry ride away from Wall Street.

The “self portrait” is actually a photo Ben took of me at Gunnison Beach. Post-naked times obviously. We were heading out. It got cloudy.

But it was a really great past few days! I really liked being able to spend a lot of time with Ben at the beach.

It’s fun to escape the city for the day and to be able to sleep in your own bed at night.